ARM/ARD Series


*Modbus RTU protocol digital remote I/O

*Input and output expansion for PCs, PLCs, and Autonics logic panels (LP)

*Compatible with e-CON sensor connectors for easy wiring and connection (CNE series sensor connectors sold separately)

*Additional expansion

– Expand up to 63 base units per master unit

– Expand up to 7 expansion units per base unit (control up to 64 input/output points)

– Various types of input/output units are available for flexible customization

– Build power and communication systems using communication lines”

*Various functions and real-time monitoring

– Communication speed auto-recognition, network power supply monitoring, count number of expansion units, read specifications and model names, single byte and multibyte input/output, status flag monitoring

*Space-saving design

– Compact size : W26×H76×L54mm

– DIN rail mount and screw mount methods

*Built-in surge protection, short-circuit protection, overheat protection, reverse power polarity protection, and static protection circuits